About Us

B.A.R.F.I. UK & Ireland Ltd

The name B.A.R.F.I is an acronym which stands for – Brushes And Rollers For Industry.

Barfi Market.

Across the British Isles and Europe there are many industries with requirements for decorating sundries including Paint Brushes and Rollers. These industries include Engineering, Automotive, Flooring, Roofing, and Shipbuilding to mention but a few. At Barfi we offer Industrial customers the opportunity of having these needs met efficiently and economically through our on-line shop.

Barfi Expertise.

Barfi staff, further to their extensive experience within the industry, will utilise the expertise of our manufacturing partners across the UK, Europe and China to the benefit of our customers. Coatings and substrates, together with European legislation, are constantly changing. We are committed, so we ensure we understand and excel in meeting market needs and expectations. To assist with this we provide an enquiry form so our customers can ask questions and provide feedback.

Barfi Product Range.

Our product range consists of around 900 products which we can supply from stock. Our range is specialist and focused upon the needs of industrial customers. Consequently we cover the widest available range of Brushes and Rollers. This is supported by a selected range of the most used sundries for industry. Sundries include tapes, tools, abrasives, plastics, safety etc.  

Please note our partner manufacturers operate within the guidelines of assurance accredited programmes like ISO 9001/2.