Barfi Europe - About us

  • BARFI is acronymous for "Brushes And Rollers For Industry"
  • Our aim is to provide professional / industrial end-users with exactly the right tools to do their job properly
  • We are a UK-based organization working and selling across Europe
  • For reaching the end-users across Europe, we hand on regional partners and logistic centers
  • We are a small but extremely efficient company that puts Customer Service and Flexibility into focus. Try us – we won‘t let you down!
  • We source our merchandize in the UK, Europe, and China. Through our grown network and contacts, as well as through constant checks and controls, we ensure the high and consistant quality of our products
  • Our product management and development department seeks to constantly bring to the market the newest, most innovative products from Europe and around the globe, and to develop new problem-solving products in-house

Recent innovations include PaintPal®, the Modern Way to Paint